I experienced two rare occasions during my coffee and pastry daily routines this morning. The down downpour rain coupled with the heavy wind is pretty rare in northern California, but it happens right at this moment that some areas had flood warnings. Really? Just a few days ago, we prayed for some rain to relieve the pain of the wildfire, but our raingod ignored us then.

Some of my good community-minded friends sent me pictures of their well-organized event to bring life back to normal in San Francisco Chinatown two days ago. The event seemed to be a huge success when it drew thousands of attendees. Our in-kind donations made their way through to support the underprivileged kids in the event, pre Halloween. Good to see kind heart remains kind, the economy gradually recovers, the vaccines work, covid is slowly disappeared, and flood warnings and evacuation are replacing the news of the drought. In life, everything is temporary. Hats off to those community leaders for their work. William Shakespeare said ~ “a good heart is worth gold!”



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Andrew Ly

President/CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery Graduated from SFSU Ex-Board member of Asian Pacific Fund Most Admired CEO Entrepreneur of the Year MBE of the Year.